Hedgehog Watch

We’ve suspected for some time that we’ve got an evening visitor, so with lockdown in full swing, and finding time on our hands, and trying to think of something new to do – we bought a wildlife camera. We didn’t expect such dramatic images quite so quickly, but here is a set of four nights showing various aspects of the behaviour of 2 (or 3) different hedgehogs – at least one of them a female.

Night One – 27th May 2020

I’m tempted to think this is a small hoglet – our first visitor.

The next clip shows two different visitors – one of them being a female.

Night Two – 28th May 2020

Jenny has heard strange noises for a few weeks and we thought we might have mice in the loft over our kitchen, but now we think we know it was a hedgehog making the noise outside in the passageway. The larger the hedgehog, the greater the snorting noise. They don’t move around quietly, as the third clip demonstrates.

Night Three – 29th May 2020

This was so unexpected. It has been suggested that it’s mating behaviour, but maybe it’s the youngster trying to show the older male who’s boss now! We moved the camera around the garden for a couple of nights, but all the action seemed to be on the patio outside our back door at c.22:00 and then c:03:00 each night. So we moved the camera back to the patio, and this is what we captured …

Night Seven – 2nd June 2020

Well … that was real surprise. Hopefully, the camera has survived to catch another day!

5 Replies to “Hedgehog Watch”

  1. Oh, crumbs, hope neither hedgehog was injured! Never mind the camera lol. Fantastic to be able to watch wildlife at night. Enjoy. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks Yvonne. Glad you enjoyed them, and I know you weren’t bothered with camera damage, but I’m sure you’d want to know that it was working last night and I’ll be adding any different clips to the bottom of this post.

  2. Fantastic. Videos kept halting for me and I had to move them on with the button – wonder why!

    1. I’ve checked and they seem OK Jane. They are stitched together, sometimes three clips being joined together to make one video. Could that be the issue? Glad you liked them. I’ll just keep adding new clips that are different at the bottom of this post.

  3. This is an enjoyable wild life video at home! Very interesting to discover how territorial these normally gentle animals are. It should not be a surprise really.
    Still, brilliant initiative on your part, David.

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