The Last Post (before I have my operation)

Couldn’t resist that title, please ‘scuse me. Got to have some fun and a chuckle with myself, if no one else, at a time like this … and there’s another one at the end too!

Well the day of my unwanted invitation has dawned. The patient has prepared himself in only the way that this particular patient could ever prepare himself, denial followed by cacoon and what a warm and lovely cacoon it’s been. My family has been so kind and supportive, caring and loving; it makes me realise what a wonderful family I’ve got. The details of the operation and recuperation have been provided by Jenny and I’m including them on a link here, just in case you want to follow it up at some time.

Suffice to say I’m nervous, but not yet anxious, prepared – by way of acceptance and trust, but not ready (would I ever be), and eager now to get it over with. Unlike Jenny who knew she needed something done and has coped with that all extremely well, I’ve just had to live with a ticking time bomb that could explode at any time and the bomb-disposal unit has been called-in to sort things out. So be it.

I’ll not be a great shape for a little while but I’m determined to be as good as I can be as soon as I can and then get on with life as I want it to be. I want to recover the lost seven years (when I was doing my PhD) and to that end have asked for the figures for a retirement date next Christmas (2010). That done, we can start to make plans and that I’m doing, as is Jenny. Some secret, some more open. We’ll share when and where we can. A bit of mystery never did anyone any harm.

Getting to grips with the new iPhone. I’ll be taking it in to hosiptal with me and I’ll be tweeting of course, I may even set the feed up on this page, if I’ve time/remember. For other blogging, not made my mind up – may use this, may use posterous or tumblr. That’s a decision for next week on the iPhone.

Signing off. See you “on the other side” (see there was another piece of dark humour in me).

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