The events of today

My birthday this year will go down as one of the strangest on record. Having prepared myself (generously) to accept the cancellation last week, I’d not really contemplated that the operation would get cancelled again today! Having said that, last night Adam the Registrar hadn’t exuded confidence that the operation wouldn’t be cancelled.

He however was very embarrassed when he approached the bed this morning about 9:00am and said that due to staff sickness my chance of an operation was only 50/50. It was less than an hour later when he came back to say that they had to cancel because they didn’t have enough cover of the staff who control the blood machine. Now, that’s something I’ve got a new found interest in, being an AB-.

That was a total surprise last night finding out my blood group. I think it probably means I should consider giving blood from now on (I sound a bit like Tony Hancock, Cool Gran will know what I mean here). Given the number of needles and blood samples I’ve experienced just recently I’m fast overcoming my phobia of hospitals. I digress though!

So, I was “bumped” again. Mr Kulitalake soon came along again and apologised profusely too. He told me he’d twisted the arm of a colleague to get a slot on Friday and that he wanted to get me done this week before he left for a conference next week. That sounds promising … doesn’t it? I don’t know, I’d be upset now NOT to have Mr K do the operation, but that might also be the outcome. That would be unfortunate. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen.

Anyway, as I post below, I made use of “my freedom” to go out and do a 4-mile walk and get some sea-air. I really needed it. It’s given me a benchmark to test my rate of recovery against. I did the walk without much problem, I did slow down in places – mainly to take photos, but no distress. I’ll know I’m back to fitness again when I can do the same walk again. Will it be before Christmas, January or Februrary … it better be no later than that.

Signing-off for a birthday chicken dinner accompanied by mulled wine and a little Rioja 🙂

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