Hurrah! Some good news at last

Jenny has just returned from her visit to see Ms Sweetman, her Consultant, who’s given her the ALL CLEAR. She’s understandably very happy and pleased that now she’ll be able to care for me – if I ever get into the Operating Theatre.

Anyway, I’m waiting to ring them up (in about an hours’ time); have also rung up the surgery because I’ve just remembered that I’ve not had a sick-note for the past fortnight 🙂 … never had one of those before. I will then expect to go in at about 3:30 – I’m leaving it later and later every time, I knows the ropes, see!

By the way I have also put some more photos from our latest trip to Dyffryn Gardens on Google Photos; we had a lovely day in the autumn sunshine during which I collapsed somewhat – the adrenalin just vanished. I recovered by the evening when I had a lovely time out with my colleagues and friends from work, Joe and Paul, followed by watching the England vs Belarus match with a glass of wine and a Chicken Jalfrezi.

Hope that this is the last post definitely, absolutely, finally before the operation otherwise I’ll begin to think that they want me to raise my stress levels to the point where I have a heart attack and become an emergency and bump someone else out of the queue


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